Many Hats, None Good | 10/13/04

Brian went to WVU. You redneck.

For as badly as I didn't want to give up my old cubicle for my exposed one, I shouldn't have complained. With no web stuff left for me to do I was exiled back to extensive scanning. Unfortunately my old cubicle is being remodeled for a new employee so I got stuck with the smallest cubicle in the history of cube farms in the middle of accounting. At least my new neighbors were nice. There's barely enough room to even turn to face the scanner so hopefully I'll be doing something new soon. The boss-boss came by today and I outright asked what I was supposed to be doing. She said she wasn't entirely sure but I'm apparently being prepped to do the following jobs (in prioritized order):

*Internet Security

*Website Content

* Records Management

* Law Researcher

Where do I even start? Like I know ANYTHING about security. I informed her that I could barely even spell the word security and she assured me that I'd be able to learn it. She said she needed a cross between a computer guy and an accountant. How the hell is that me? I didn't even start balancing my checkbook seriously until grad school. And of all the possible "computer guys" there, why pick me to do something that requires learning from scratch? I'm the least-learned there and there's no doubt in my mind they would all do a terrific job, but not me. As for the website content...why not let me design it and let someone good build it? Not that you could tell I have any sense of aesthetic ability from this page but it's in there. Big time. Granted, after seeing what she likes, I doubt we'd be able to agree on anything. The Records Manager is what I was originally hired to be but it seems like whenever I get assigned to do something else I come back to someone deciding that another 500-3000 files need to be taken care of. So now I have a backlog of nearly 10k files. When am I going to be able to do that? I no longer have my "underling" either. Not that I've had her for a while but I figured I'd get her back...maybe she could pull out staples or something. Oh well, it doesn't look likely. As for the last section, what do I know about the law? I am good at researching so hopefully a control-f will take care of all my work for me...either that or google. When do I get a raise? I'm not asking for $50k/yr...or even $40/k but surely people with this much responsibility are making at least $30k. I also found out as of right now I have a whopping two hours of leave time. Boo.




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