Take that Thomas Jefferson | 10/16/04

Take that Thomas Jefferson. Before the game, Jamie and I met up with her sister and her sister's friends to tailgate. They had been there since three but we didn't show up until 6:30. With bellies full of beer and hamburgers we galloped over to Doak to pack ourselves into the student section. Our section was particularly irritating, as there were about three people for every seat. This translated to having to stand and be facing sideways the whole game. Jamie was next to a particularly annoyed girl who was constantly involved with her poor, poor boyfriend. Nothing made this girl happy and we all secretly cheered when they left at half-time. Too bad they came back. The game itself was great--it usually is when you know you've won within the first ten minutes. The crowd was into it the whole time and the only time the stadium collectively bood was when Chris Rix came into the game. Hopefully Wyatt's performance will ensure Chris is our back-up from now on.

Before the game Jamie took Chompy and The Ab to her parents' house while I worked on scores. Apparently Chompy and Jamie's sister's dog, the much-hated Walker, got into a couple kill-fights for dominance. They're both ok but I was shocked to hear Chompy didn't win immediately. Granted, Walker is nearly twice her size but still.

The scores are coming along nicely and I should have them all done by Tuesday. Except for the parts. Stupid parts.




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