Roach in My Food | 10/17/04

I know you're shocked. I was. It was only the second time I'd ever had Indian food. And this time there was no roach. Granted, the roach incident was long before I kept a daily summary of my life. Kathy insisted I try something new so we hit that Indian place up on Apalachee. I was about a quarter of the way through whatever I was eating and *bam*, there's this inch long roach, masterfully inserted into the middle of the rice. Honestly, the next couple minutes are a blur. I remember not screaming, though. It was one of those more shocked-and-silent moments. Kathy asked if I wanted to leave--I remember saying something to effect of "hell yes". As we were leaving, the owner insisted that it had crawled in and was not cooked with the rice. Liar! *And* Kathy had to pay for hers. They asked if I wanted something else. Hell yeah I did, a big fat lawsuit in my favor.

Anyway, a bunch of us went over to Matt Flynn's for Indian food. Chris made a surprisingly delicious chicken curry dish. I was able to ignore most of the vegetables and there was only one thing on my plate that I didn't recognize. It looked like a huge piece of candy corn. I somehow doubt that was it, though. And, needless to say, I didn't eat it. We had to leave in a hurry because Jamie was on her way to the John Edwards speech at FAMU so we gathered up the dogs and took off.

I got a lot done on my scores but I'm still not done. I did finally finish everything to a piece I'd really like to record. There's a midi version of it here. I didn't check the file size, so it might take a while to load. The bits at 1:06 and 1:40 are solo sections, not places where I gave up on writing melodies, although there's no shortage of that in other pieces.

I hate John Kerry. I hate George Bush even more. I've been informed by everyone I'm not allowed to throw my vote away, as I did in the last election, by voting for Ralph Nader. So what do I do? Why is that our voting system is "vote for who you think will screw up the country less"? And surely there are plenty of people to screw things up so why do we only get two choices? I certainly don't lean as far left as most people I know, but I'm certainly not going to fall into the Republican category anytime soon. Why isn't there a candidate for me? It's not really fair that I have to choose between someone who is living in a fantasy world where Canada will fork over their pharmaceuticals for a cheap price and someone who is incapable of thinking more than one-step ahead and says things like "on the internets". Maybe I'd like to vote for someone who went to public schools like me. And public universities. Is it so wrong to want a candidate that would keep the electric chair and guns but also allow abortions and stem cell research? I wish I could vote for Evan Jones.




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