Faster Car Wreck | 10/19/04

Yes, I know--the entry is a day late. Honestly, though, yesterday was one of the busiest days I can remember. To my credit, I arrived at work (get this) a little bit early. With not a whole heck of a lot to do, I was assigned yet another new job: building cubicles. Now, you would think that it's pretty easy but no. My first task was to use this humming tool to find certain wires (live wires) before actually carrying the heavy panels down two flights of stairs with only the aid of a large elevator. Much to my surprise, one of the cubicles to be built was My desk-against-a-wall is now a desk-against-a-wall with a cubicle pad behind it and a couple of shelf-things perilously suspended above me. They wouldn't be so scary except that I decided to do them myself and I couldn't maneuver the cordless drill well enough with my left hand to make them really tight. But if they fall, oh well, workman's comp.

After work Alan Coyle came by and we went though the four-hundred trillion pieces that are slated for publication. He liked most of my stuff and only shocked me once--he said if Car Wreck were sped up it would be the new Sunset (and everyone would have to have it). He gave my pan a little tune-up (hah) while he was here, much to the enjoyment of my neighbors I'm sure (who wouldn't want hammers pounding into steel at 11pm?). Jamie brought me a present of a Wendy's Frostie before I went to bed.

I forgot to mention that Chris came by a few days ago and he was heavily promoted. He's now in charge of two of the labs and will be the first to discover...wait, I'm not sure it's a secret. I won't say, just in case. He also got a nice raise. Good work Chris!




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