Dull | 08/28/06

My first weekday as a purple belt was just as exciting as you probably imagined it to be. I went to work, bought some hurricane supplies (NOT for Ernesto but just to have them), then went to bed. Exciting. No one even tried to kick my ass, probably because I exude the color purple.

There are a lot of new things happening to people I know so I figured I'd just run them down right quick. Chris started IU and was already doing homework before his classes begun. Michael passed all of his extrance exams except for one, way better than I will do upon my return. PChris and Elena are now living semi-comfortably in Pennsylvannia. Elena even wrote a blog entry about it AND suggested we try to do some sort of online poker thing since everyone now lives so far away. Kathy's getting married soon and Jamie and I finally got our invitation. Jamie has the LSAT on the day of the wedding. Mark had an unfortunate encounter on his way to White Castle. Ricky and Tami stopped by last night to drop off my PS2. Tami had a new haircut. I would imagine Marty has started classes at Ithaca and TChris started what will most likely be his last year in Tallahassee. Brian suggested I look into Finale 2007 and it came in the mail yesterday.




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