Red Sox Suck | 10/22/04

Isn't that what we all want to hear as teachers? I mean seriously. Like, you want to be tough but you also would like to show that you can relate to the kids, right? So thanks Ben, that made my day.

Work was work. I thought about paperclips and then the idiot boss told me to do some task. I spent a lot of time doing SQL tutorials online. I'm sure if you know programming it follows a very logical sequence and all the terms make sense. But to the novice, it's an adventure. I made it about 3/4 the way through the intermediate levels before I got hammered by one that took me 46 tries to get right. The tutorial I was using left out a key step. Well, not so much a step but a small detail and a single space threw me way off. I was up late making the site for Alan to download all the publishing things. Real late. Then Chompy decided to hate everyone and growl at anyone on this side of town who stirred. Good thing she's cute or she'd be glue.

If you hate reading about baseball stop right here.

I hate you, Boston. I hate your city, your teams and your traffic route patterns. I hate your universities, your food and your skyline. (I did, though, enjoy Boston Public very much.) Most of all, I hate you, Red Sox fans. First, you don't have a curse, you have terrible teams. There's no luck involved. Bill Buckner couldn't make a routine grab, there was no cosmic out-to-get-you. When a fan interferes, you can start yapping. Secondly, you were just in a World Series in 1986. Our last one was in the 1945! 1918 is nothing--we last won in 1908. We're a hell of a lot closer to 100 years of being awful than you are. Moreover, you're not lovable losers. I admit, the Cubs were hardly the model of maturity this season but our best hitter never threw bats at the umpire. Although, it's not your team I don't like, it's mostly your obnoxious fans. If you moved to anywhere else in the country, I would happily root for you. But not in Boston, oh no. Hopefully the Cardinals' fans will be just as mean to you as the Yankees fans.




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