UF Loses to Mississippi State | 10/23/04

In good conscious, I can't really say that we won the football game yesterday. I think the best that can be said is that we didn't lose. The game reminded me of, well, just about every game-after-a-big-game I've seen in my brief Florida tenure. I thin k to win like FSU, you need to follow these steps: a) crush team at your level or slightly above b) wait one week c) play a team that's considerably worse than you d) go through the motions of practicing in preparation because hey, you already know you can beat the good teams e) when game time comes, completely suck for the first half; turn the ball over a lot, get tons of stupid penalties and generally look lame f) come out firing in the third quarter--score almost enough points to get back in but then inexplicably do something dumb g) midway through the fourth quarter take a slight lead h) do something retarded to give the other team hope i) intercept the last pass of the game and win j) promise you will never let this happen again k) do it again in a couple weeks.

On the bright side, UF lost to Mississippi State.




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