Theory-Chris Whomps Me Again | 10/24/04

Hello friendly visitors from the University of Florida. Being from the north I was not born with an ingrained hatred of your school. Truth be told, I'd much rather have a doctor from your school perform a life-saving operation on me or defend me in court (sorry Mr. B). Please bear in my that my undergrad school did not have a football team so I was immediately drawn to the hometown kids here. Even once I was here I didn't have anything against you all (er...y'all) until two events took place. One: Steve Spurrier opened his yap. Ok, he was a great coach and did really well down your way but did he have to run his mouth constantly? Could he at least have toned it down to the point of telling the truth? Your school is better than FSU is so many areas, is it really necessary to blatantly lie? Secondly, for whatever reason, you were selected to hold the Southeastern Regional Society for Composers, Inc. conference. I'm not sure why you billed yourselves as "the premier music school of the south" but come on. Let's be honest, no one wants to go there to be a musician. Your campus is very beautiful and the city offered much more to do than Tallahellsee. That said, I too have had my moments of hating FSU. I would say a good 80-90% of the time I hated it. So while I wallow in your football misery, I still feel embedded disdain for the ol' garnet and gold.

In other news, Theory-Chris again demonstrated his tennis superiority. We had to pay a $2.16 fee at Winthrop. I'd never had to pay there before and thought it was a homeless guy in above-average clothes trying to hustle me for an easy 40oz of Old Milwaukee, but no. I could only scrape up $2.15 out of change from under my car seats but they cut us some slack on that last penny. Most likely my rugged good-looks.




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