I Hate Steve Spurrier | 10/25/04

The days are officially numbered for the once-beloved pool table. Chris, Jamie and I reassembled it with no directions and only the aid of Jamie's dad. It took a couple of hours, mostly because of questions about screw size. The first potential buyer came by, Bob. What a tool. He's a real estate agent here in town and I think he thinks he's a bad ass as pool. I should have offered to play him $1000/$0 for a single game right then and there. Too bad it was still in assembly-phase when he was there. The highlight of the night was when Bob had to move his car just as Jamie's mom's Bible Chat Group was leaving. Mr. B. informed Bob that the clan meeting was over and he'd have to move his car. I couldn't stop laughing. After building the table we left to pick up Michael and went to Bennigan's for a little grub-grub. .

My eyes really need to not be so dry for the first four hours of work. I'm sure I looked like I'm stoned since I can barely keep them open and when I do, they're all types of red and irritated. Maybe I should offer to take a daily drug test to assure them I'm clean.

I didn't get any hits from UF today after my kind message yesterday. Probably too excited about the return of the hated Steve Spurrier to read.




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