Double Deuce | 10/27/04

So the two guys I thought were in a fraternity that were coming to look at my pool table were really just two creepy, old, redneck, ugly bastards. The lead guy is apparently the "father" of a frat and I wouldn't not be at all surprised to see him on TV as a convicted pedophile. He told Jamie to wait inside...this was "man's business". The other guy wasn't so bad but, and maybe I'm wrong, but if you're 50+ you should NOT still be smoking pot. You just shouldn't be. These buttlicks insisted that my table was not level even though a level would have shown it clearly was. The creepier of the two, the one who wanted it, kept hitting the ball with enough english to qualify for the ESPN trick-pool shows. I tried to tell him that if he hit the ball dead center it would bounce off the rails straight. His friend followed my advice and hit a shot with only the slightest bit and his went straight but apparently that didn't count. They tried to tell me that they're both big pool guys but their technique was sloppy as hell. So, to you, old man that sells insurance, I give you the *poosh* double deuce.




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