Cheaty | 10/11/06

Oh Jeffrey, you cheater. It really does not come as a surprise to me that you might have cheated. You've got tattoos on your neck for crying out loud--the kind the wrap all the way around. And your I'd like to see a Project Runway for composers where you would get like a day, maybe two, to write some song with crazy rules. I could promise there would be a lot of drama and a lot of hurt feelings so I think that has all the makings of good TV. You know?

Ah, Lost. Last night I was begging the TV to show next week's episode. I also learned that I had been misspelling Sayid's name all this time. How did the ship-stealers get past Sayid and Jin? I was so worried Jin was going to die and then we'd stop hearing him say things like Miker! Rost! Who knew Sun was so slutty. Oh, oh, that's right--everyone. Next Wednesday will be an excellent TV day if I do say so myself.




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