Six Feet Under | 10/23/06

I first saw Six Feet Under at Mark C's house in 2001. We would typically watch The Sopranos and eat a delicious pork roast that he would gingerly prepare Sunday nights. Six Feet Under just happened to be the next show on and, before we had more important things to do, we would just sit there and keep watching HBO. Flash-forward to now and I am watching the show again except this time the weird Edited For Basic Cable version that's aired on Bravo. They have to bleep out a lot of words (actually bad overdubbing) but last night they showed a naked man's ass. I had almost forgotten what a good show it was. Whomever did the casting should be canonized and who wouldn't love the droll writing style? I remember once hearing an interview with Michael C. Hall on NPR and Terry Gross asked him if he was gay in real life. His reply was something like, "Why doesn't anyone ever ask me if I'm a funeral director in real life?" I don't remember why exactly that stuck with me but it did. Anyway, it's a fantastic show if you've never seen it and I would highly recommend it to anyone.




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