Bush Again | 11/02/04

So George Bush is the new president. Whoopie! Honestly, while I would have liked to have seen what Kerry would've done, it really doesn't matter. I feel Kerry's pain. When I was applying for that job at William and Mary, the waiting was the worst part. I had already picked out new portraits for the Lincoln Bedroom and was very comfortable replying to questions starting with, "Mr. President, could you?..". Granted, I didn't have to blow a ton of Jamie's money to be in the running, but still. It hurts.

I had a dream last night where Brian gave me this snake. He says, "It's an ASP! Hah!" and then disappears. Stupid ASP is all getting me down at work. I'm sure there's some sort of programming hierarchy, starting with some simple language like html and working your way through to the more challenging ones. I feel like I've skipped a large number of steps and am praying for a huge influx of public records requests at work to ensure I don't actually have to do any coding myself. I mean, would you trust me to do something like that? No, of course you wouldn't.

Finally, the moron HR girl finally realized she was an idiot and gave me my hour of administrative leave. The reply was something like, "Oh, I didn't realize you voted in the general election." Yeah, thanks.




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