Post-Fiasco | 11/04/04

Another day, another dollar. After the fiasco yesterday, I was relieved to find no one cared enough to talk about it today. Three of us received a new present today--a second monitor. Apparently I now do enough "programming" to get a second one. I've never used a dual-monitor set-up before and I'll most likely move back to having just one. Unless, of course, I learn to love it and am forced to buy two 21" LCD monitors for home.

I had Quinzo's Subs for the first time today. I'd eat it really frequently if I didn't have to work for 90 minutes to pay for a meal. Chris and Jamie joined me. Speaking of Chompy (where'd that come from?), she ate a corner off my down comforter while I was at dinner with Jamie's parents. When I got home it looked like it was snowing in my room with thousands of tiny down-puffs covering her in her cage and blizzarding around the room. I was pretty angry--it was really nice and now that I'm used to it, I don't think I can go back to not having one. The only thing stopping me is that the one she destroyed was $400 from Bed Bath and Beyond. I received it as a gift from the Flynn household a couple years ago because Jenny was allergic to down.

The new version of the site is almost done. Except for a couple mega-nested tables it's all done by hand, unlike this FrontPage monstrosity. I wish I had a reason to use my budding ASP skills but I don't. I'll be able to make working polls, though. Unlike this one:




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