FAMU Homecoming | 11/05/04

What do I hate more? FAMU's Homecoming? If I leave my house, I'll either get stuck somewhere while cars park dead in the road while the various pimps come out to discuss caps, ho's and rims. And this is assuming I don't get shot, of course. OR do I hate FSU's Homecoming more? I'll get stuck in traffic while cars park dead in the road while various rednecks come out to discuss George Bush, bird shot or the gastric effects of Bud Light. Since it was the last day to pay my rent and FSU's Homecoming Parade almost cost me a $25 late fee, I'll hate FSU's more for today. The parade blocked my car in the lot and I couldn't leave. Figuring the parade would last until 2pm I waited until then to take my lunch break. But oh no. Apparently the fatties that were occupying love-seat folding chairs sipping hooch wanted to see even more so the Greek floats went by again. Why the HELL would you close off downtown on a Friday afternoon? I don't even work near the campus. My new boss, Roy, was kind enough to let me go at 4pm so I screamed over to pay rent before getting together with Jamie to prepare ourselves for poker. We played two different games with my two co-workers, Ricky and Bob and Ricky won both games. Both times it came down to me and him head-to-head. I can't beat him. I don't know why, I just can't.


DJ Earl (Unknown)

If you dont like famu or fsu homecoming, then why dont you leave our city... You put yourself in this position, and then complain about everyone else with stereotypical slurs... Our city does not revolve around you and your work parking lot. You should look into getting a retirement home in destin where us rascally youngins won't keep you from your important date of "proscastinating on the rent bill until the last second".

Earls a FAG (Unknown)

I agree both schools suck ass; like Earl. He is one of those bird shot shooting bud drinking buttery cornhole licking fags that you were talking about. "..leave our city," I wasn't aware that the state university system ran Tallahassee proper. "... You should look into getting a retirement home in (D)destin," need I reply to anything else?



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