Yahoo Poker | 11/06/04

It's the most important meal of the day. Ours consisted of just about every type of breakfast item, including the cinnamon roll. Two hours after assembling the materials, Chris, Michael, Jamie and I ate our hearts out before trotting over to the Homecoming game versus Duke. There were more people than I expected--who wants to see a third place team?--but still it was cleared out enough that we didn't have to squeeze in anywhere, a very nice change of pace. Chris and Jamie left at the 4th quarter but Michael and I stayed to yell. We met the Garnet And Gold Sparkle Guys as they were taking pictures by us and they were kind enough to answer all the questions we asked. As it turns out, they're part of the BCM, which we later deciphered to be the Baptist Campus Ministry. They not allowed to dance but they can certainly cover themselves in paint and glitter and do explicit poses with girls in the name of football. After the game we headed home and I took a nice nap before Jamie and I went to On The Border for dinner. After dinner Steve, Mark and Jamie took my Yahoo-Bucks in poker. Steve cashed in with our first-ever straight flush. Of course, I had a full house against it and was throwing money into the pot like an excited monkey with feces but once the cards were flipped it would have taken Steve a half-hour to collect all the chips if we had been playing in real life. I'm not sure why I'm so bad online, but I am. Terrible, in fact. Oh well, at least it wasn't for real money.




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