No Haircut | 01/31/04

Day two of no haircut. If my mom lived nearby I'd let her do it. I returned some clothes today and bought a few new ties. Jamie and I went to the Banana Republic but the line was too long for me to wait there just to buy a $40 shirt (and it was on 95% off on clearance). We had dinner with her parents tonight and I ate the world's greatest cheesecake. I got a lot cleaning done and tomorrow I plan to get up early to do some research for my damn thesis. I don't know if that'll happen since we have rehearsal at 1pm and the Superbowl tomorrow night. Tonight I am on pup duty while Jamie is at a party. The dogs finally stopped fighting and are now both sleeping. By the way, MS Office thinks "Superbowl" is not a word--it suggests "superb owl" as what I "meant" to type.




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