Weekend | 11/12/04

Ah, the triple update. I've been doing a terrible job keeping up with the current entries because, quite honestly, by the time I finish adjusting all the old entries to the new format the last thing I want to do is right new one. Some of the weekend highlights: hanging with Chris while Jamie, Jara and Michael clubbed it up with the drag queens (Sat.), Jamie making the best dinner ever (Sun.) and...uh, playing cards online? I know you have to have three things for a list so I guess that's the third.

I'm trying to decide now if I should put a javascript option to revert the color scheme on the new page back to this one, just in case people loved the garnet and gold scheme. I personally no longer care for it, so I won't be clicking it but still. The only problem is that it goes against my simplified design. Oh well. It's going up next Sunday, so I'm just warning you that the updates will be pretty dull until then.




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