Bearded Kryptonite | 11/15/04

What did you do today? Contrary to my job description I spent my morning plunging toilets. No seriously. Even the ones that weren't stopped up. At least I didn't have to clean them. After ensuring clean flushes, I was sent to the in-house law library to prepare it for new carpet. That meant packing up hundreds of heavy books while being aggravated every ten seconds by some teenage girl who insisted she knew "the plan". You idiot, the plan is "put the books in boxes". Granted, I do not have a masters degree in box-filing but I think it goes something like this: take a book off the shelf, put it in the box, repeat. Go back to working at Taco Bell you moron. The afternoon was spent cataloging every book in the upstairs law-library. Gag. Is it really necessary to know which books are there? Do I really need to keep track of EVERY ARTICLE in EVERY MAGAZINE? Hell no. From the amount of dust, no one has opened Real Estate Law For The Elderly 1961 since, well, 1961. We need to pitch that stuff. But oh no, no one listens to me.

Ricky kicked my ass AGAIN. We fought for our 8-high hands in Texas Hold 'Em, moved to equally terrible hands in Five Card Draw and finally settled in to the classic Hi-Lo. If you've never played Hi-Lo, it works something like this. Each player gets a card and then bets according to if he thinks his card is higher than his opponent's. It was grueling and he wore me down, much like he does in poker. Ricky, you're like my living, bearded kryptonite.




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