Jewel Cichlid | 11/21/04

One year ago today, my precious Jewel Cichlid was swimming happily in the new tank. Two days ago, without much fanfare, she died. Just like a year ago, as Jamie pointed out, I will talk about my fish.

I cleaned the two downstairs tanks. When I think about having three tanks in the house, I feel like some crazy fish guy when in reality I don't even like fish that much. I've gone fishing all of once in my life and didn't much care for it. I also don't like touching fish. I've had to touch one all of once in my life and I had to dedicate an entire entry to it. Some man, eh?

I realized today that I had accidentally deleted my Desperate Housewives Prediction list in the move to the new site layout. Ergo, here is a new one with only the ones predicted from the first episode and the ones and tonight's episode.




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