Ugly Update | 11/22/04

You'd think after all the work I spent fixing this damn site I would have gotten the day of the week right yesterday, but no. I also found I put damming instead of damning in my Desperate Housewives Predications page. I'll even leave it there so you can have a good laugh at my expense.

I think I got ripped off at the gas station today. I think they somehow screwed up and I didn't get the gas I paid for. It was only $10 worth but still, that's an hour of working in the bowels of hell.

Chompy got really angry at something lurking in the shadows outside of my backyard tonight. I went down there to see something rustle in the bushes. I have no idea what it was but thank god for Chompy scaring them away. She was standing up against the window with her fur up and her teeth out, so I can understand why someone might not want to break in. Granted, it could have been a cat or some other animal she just wanted to kill.

I noticed that Google picked a very inopportune time to cache my site. It must have gotten it midway through the update, leaving a garish color scheme. Well, it's this background with the yellow and red font from before. Gag.




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