Happy Birthday Mary! | 11/24/04

I feel like I had to drive errands to the ends of the earth today even though I only had about six. Any time I'm not in the office, my happiness quotient goes up considerably, even if it means driving through horrible storms. Today was one of the worst days I've ever had to drive in my life. I had to pull over a number of times on the small, well-known roads because I literally could not see a single thing. This, of course, didn't stop the other drivers from going at their normal speeds. Bastards.

After work I picked up some crazy swimming trunks with what seems to be either orange ravens or tyrannosaurus rex patterns on a light blue background. They're pretty loud and my newly-grown gut seems to hang over the edge. Ah, the sacrifices you have to make to go on a beach vacation. Jamie dropped off The Ab to the kennel and I prepared my home for my weekend house/dogsitter.

Jamie and I ran into Mary and her friends (and former students) at Bennigan's tonight. It was her 21st birthday and they made her go through all the usual chair-standing trauma. I need to stop ordering chicken fingers from there because they're never as good as they are in my mind.

See all y'all on Monday.




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