CMOS | 01/30/04

While today was not the worst day of my life, it will rank within the top 50. To start things off, I overslept and forgot that I was supposed to upgrade some of the computers in the lab this morning. I woke up at the time I was supposed to be there and only had half an hour to get things started. Things didn't run smoothly and, to top it all off, the ONE computer that NEEDED to have Office 2000 couldn't have it installed for reasons I didn't entirely understand. In Atonal, I was supposed to be a supplemental presenter. Well, the primary presenter used all of eight minutes for his "presentation" and then called on me to come up and speak. Using the last presentation as a model, I had prepared one example using material from the end of the article and was adequately prepared to answer questions. What I was not prepared for, though, was to present the article in its entirety. I did my best to explain things to the lost souls but in my anxiousness I wrote an example incorrectly on the board. I tried to ignore the fact that I was not using a C-Axis (which is really not that uncommon) but no one else really followed me. I answered some questions to the best of my ability and the other supplemental presenter did his best to nod in agreement with everything I said but it took Dr. Rogers' explanation to clear everything up. I felt like a total fool. A complete and total fool. Fortunately for me, the utter lack of preparation by the primary presenter hopefully left a much stronger negative imprint in people's minds.

After class, I tried to finish "fixing" the computers but I didn't know enough about CMOS to really do any good. Ultimately, though, the four computers that I attempted to fix were all working when I left. I came home and had a bizarre dream during my two hour nap. In the dream I was a character in this Final Fantasy 3 game. I can't really recall any of the details right now but it was weird. Jamie came over just as I was waking up and we trekked out to the mall for the dreaded haircut. I requested my last meal be at Ruby Tuesdays and Theory-Chris was our server. He did a nice job of keeping my lemonade glass full and I drank six of them. On the recommendation of (Steel-Drum) Chris, I went to his barber. She gave me two choices: put twists in my hair which would eventually become dreadlocks or cut it all to about 2". Not pleased with either option I tried to negotiate with her. She insisted I was too bald for anything I wanted to do. As if I didn't realize that my hair was falling out already, her kind reminders (no less than 30 times) really reaffirmed that I am beautiful. She also made sure that I understood that I could not shave or buzz my (remaining hair) because "I was not big enough". On top of all this, she handed me a pamphlet on baldness. Of the four she could have handed me, she elected for the "Advanced balding 4/4" and recommended a topical cream. Sure, I could have handed her a book on braces and personal hygiene but I didn't because I'm a damn good person. After she messed up my hair sufficiently to make sure I wouldn't walk out and be seen in public, she again voiced my two choices. In an unusual move made by skinny young white boys, I stood up, grabbed my coat and walked out. Apparently I didn't realize her grabbing and pulling on my near-golden locks had made it look like I had been the model for Sideshow Bob even more than usual. Additionally, she had pulled everything back, giving rock-climbing enthusiasts the opportunity to come up and ask me if they could climb my forehead this weekend. I called Jamie about forty-four times but she didn't pick up, leaving me to wonder around the mall like some sort of escaped rare zoo animal. Naturally, she was in Express and naturally it was crowded full of beautiful people, all of whom got a good laugh. This one particularly ugly guy in nice clothes was standing by the door. I was just pulling my hand out of my pocket to knock his nose back into alignment when Jamie hustled me out the door. We then hauled ass to the Tallahassee Mall where Jamie had a suit waiting to be picked up. I guess they held the wrong one for her and she was PISSED. We then stopped at Petland in the hopes of saving some sad fish but the saddest looking one cost $24. After leaving the mall, we went back to her house, grabbed the Ab and came back here to watch some TV. I don't know what I'm going to do about this haircut. Why can't a barber just humor me and thin out these poofs on the side and leave everything else alone? At least let me quasi-enjoy my last year of not being completely bald. I'm really, really cranky and just want to go to sleep but my nap earlier did me in. Now I'll fall back into the dreaded bed-at-3am-up-at-7am-nap-from-2pm-to-8pm cycle. Oh, I got my picture back from Frame Of Mine today (Glord forbid THEY call ME...) and it looks ok. I don't know if it was worth $250...well, it was not worth that much, so if you need something framed, go somewhere else.




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