Hey Big Tex, I poked em all | 12/01/04

I still have no idea what exactly is wrong with my computer. I tried a new virus scanner and it found about 700 viruses. I got everything cleaned up and fixed all the initial registry problems but now it seems any sort of Microsoft product causes the computer to crash. IE, Word, whatever, it brings the whole system down.

And now, the much-anticipated vacation highlights:

Man, I totally can't remember what we did. I used Jamie's sister's laptop to keep a list but we couldn't find a way to transfer it over to me before she took it back. Hmm. We left a little bit late because allegedly some wife on the previous cruise had thrown her husband overboard and they were looking for the body. Who knows, though. I do remember getting lost on the boat during dinner and our Vietnamese steward teasing me mercilessly for the next four days about it and making sure everyone in our row of rooms knew I was an idiot. Since it was Thanksgiving, they served turkey but I had some braised veal instead. That was still at the point in the cruise where I was polite enough to only order one item from each section of the menu. By the end we were all ordering three or four entrees plus all the other stuff. After dinner we went to some ship-meeting thing and caught the end of bingo. The host was a guy about my age named Big Tex. I wish Matt Flynn had been on the cruise because he said to shout, assuming you had bingo, "Hey Big Tex, I poked 'em all". I kept repeating this phrase and no one in our party found it very amusing. If Matt had been there we could have kept saying it back and forth for duration of the trip. My goal on the cruise was to gain ten pounds. I'm pretty sure that I did not make it, despite my best efforts.




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