Dog Santa | 12/05/04

Today Jamie and I brought our dogs to PetSmart for their annual pictures with Teenage Santa. It was a nightmare really. Abby, who doesn't like to be picked up, couldn't have looked any more miserable since they kept trying to pick her up. Chompy went with the photo guy agreeably enough, much to my surprise. Oh ho, little did I know this was part of her plan. Assuming she was going to be obedient, he foolishly let go of her collar and started to walk away to get his camera. Waiting until she was going to be just out of his reach, she made a break for it. Without taking so much as a step, she kind of leapt through a space in between a couple of boxes underneath their desk and took off. I went to get her but these two stupid college girls were too busy cramming their little dogs into pink sweaters to get out of my way. I called her and she came back fortunately. There were also two PetSmart employees by the door for just such an emergency. Irritated, Chompy decided to exact her revenge with a big old spite pee. Ah, the miracle and majesty of Christmas.




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