Carol's Critters | 12/11/04

For the first time in a long, long time I worked on a Saturday. I had to make up my hours for the time off I took to interview as well as for missing on Monday and not going in until 9:30am on Tuesday.

It was pretty tedious--there were only four of us there and I was resigned to my office in complete silence pulling staples out of packets of paper (that's all I do). On Monday I'll start mastering the cassettes of people who had to be interviewed and taped. They refer to it as "mastering" when really it's simply recording it into Windows encoder and sticking the new file into a database.

What I could really use is a radio. Maybe pump some 80's Hair Bands to get people in the mood to process claims.

After work I went to Carol's Critters to see if they had any of the maroon cichlids I bought a year ago. They didn't of course but I had to try. I wanted to see because I suspect they had babies. I say suspect not because I can't tell if there are fish-babies (there are) but I'm not sure who made them. There were only four left by the time I found them and one of them is much bigger than any of the convict cichlids in the other tank (born on my birthday) so these must be pretty old. I have no idea what they are. I guess I'll wait for them to get older because right now they look like a cross between a maroon zebra and a bumblebee.

(They had a real cool Lionfish at Carol's Critters.)




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