Love Fern | 01/28/04

Although I have not seen the movie (How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days), I heard the "love fern" line in a preview and I've been referencing it a lot. It's a pretty funny line. Little does Jamie know that she's getting a love fern for V-Day. I wish every day were Wednesday. I love the Atonal class. I wish I could substitute all my other classes for 11 hours of Atonal. I'm sure I'd get sick of it but at least I wouldn't sleep. On Friday I have to be a co-presenter for class. Unlike when Adam gave his presentation, I have no faith whatsoever in the full presenter which means I actually have to read the article and be prepared to talk about it. I got a lot done today. I went out to lunch with Beth, Marty, Emmy and Chris at The Loop. I hate The Loop. I used to like and EVERY TIME I order the chicken tenders and every time they suck. Suck suck suck. I took Chompy on various errands with me including: dropping off film, buying a new filter, getting a couple aquarium heaters and grocery shopping. I made some chicken kiev for dinner with couscous and Jamie baked some cookies while I did three loads of laundry. All the fish were moved back from the hospital tank back into the bedroom tank with no more casualties. Some fish got caught in the filter in the cichlid tank but the big, mean one yanking him out to eat him so I didn't have to do it. Thanks big guy! I feel like I got so much done today but thinking back, I guess I didn't. Dr. Olsen emailed me back about directing next semester. The email sounded positive and he forwarded it along to the rest of the faculty. The downside is that between the lines it sounded like they were still looking for a graduate student to teach it so they wouldn't have to spend the extra money, which I understand. At the same time, though, if they invested the money in me, I'd do some great things. At least very good things. Here are some fun links because today's entry was pretty boring:

Fun game. 1221.8 is my record. You get to hit a penguin with a baseball bat.

George Bush finally does something good. Finally, my concerto for Norwegian violists smeared in feces might get its premiere!




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