Desperate Housewives Predictions | 12/19/04

Wow. What a terrible week for the Desperate Housewives Predictions List! Collectively we scored a whopping 0 correct answers. Rather than make my initial guesses now for the episode in three weeks, I think I'll sit on them for a while and hopefully knock out some of the worse ones.

Day Two of watching The Ab was much better than Day One. Aside from the fact they woke me up at 8:30, they stayed out of trouble. Kathy took me out to lunch at Ruby Tuesday's before I dropped her off at the airport and showed off the pool table. After I came back here and settled the dogs down I got down to business and worked on a bunch of scores. For dinner I made some potato soup and, get this, I cleaned everything up afterwards.


Libby (Unknown)

Is dave the husband of the mother and daughter that mike and susan got into an accident with and killed.



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