Manpower Sucks | 12/27/04

Back to scanning. Work was uneventful. I thought I'd hear back about a job but no.

Manpower is really kind of taking advantage of me. I didn't realize they got a personal commission on "selling" me for a direct hire. That doesn't seem very fair because they're asking an individual for $5000. First off, am I only worth $5000? Secondly, negotiate for crying out loud. Charge them less so they might actually consider me. You assholes.


JR (Poughkeepsie, NY) (01/18/12)

Manpower is a low rent company to work for! It gives SUCKS a new meaning.

Craig H (Unknown)

manpower sucks!

Fanshower (Unknown)

If your skill set is not that desirable, nobody is going to pay a fee for you period.F.Y.I. Manpower does negotiate their fee.

Mike (Unknown)

I gave up on Manpower after this and TEK Systems has gotten me between $45-$75/hr instead of between $8-$10. I told Manpower I was a good programmer but they apparently didn't care. I'm glad TEK did. Plus I'd much rather write code than scan papers.

Zeelik (Unknown)

Manpower Melbourne/Cocoa florida is a lousy arrogant organization.Period.



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