Minesweeper For Your PDA | 01/27/04

This is probably getting somewhat redundant but I hate Tuesdays and Thursdays. This morning I discovered the two other silver dollars died. Aside from my $15 initial investment, they were getting huge and I was very sad to see them go after a year and a half. The tank was also a milky white color. Tomorrow I'm going to buy a new filter for the bedroom tank. My teaching went fine today on the whole despite the requisite computer problems. In my hour in between classes I did my Music Bibliography homework in the library while Amory bid on leather keyboard cases on eBay. After my second class, Jamie took me to Ruby Tuesday's. I fought to stay awake in Bibliography by playing the Palm OS version of Minesweeper and passing notes to Meg. Our quiz was postponed again until Thursday so I'll have another two days to not study for it. My Caribbean class was another snoozer today. I can't help falling asleep. I just can't. I thought sitting in the front would help so I sat in the second row right in the middle. Nope, snoozed away. AND I couldn't even bust out the PDA for some Minesweeper. After my revitalizing nap, I went to our small group rehearsal. Hey Ya(!) sounded pretty good but it could use a lot of improvements. Jamie and I had pizza for dinner and I cleaned my bedroom while she wrote some paper that I wasn't allowed to look at under any circumstance. Tomorrow should be a light day and I will hopefully get all my odds and ends cleaned up before having to endure another Thursday. My next arrangement/transcription will be dedicated to my dear friend Matt Flynn--it is Van Halen's Jump. Unlike the OutKast tune, though I already know all the parts in my head so I won't need to listen to the recording four billion times. I already laid out a nice framework for it with the general form and tomorrow afternoon I might possibly start adding the bass and keyboard parts (minus the crazy solo about 3/4 of the way through). Jamie and I ran into Ian on our way out after rehearsal. I miss being a composer and feeling that crunch to get pieces done. The crunch of doing a theory thesis is not at all exciting or appealing. In other news, Chompy saved the day again...

(as told to me by Jamie): Jamie took Chompy and The Ab to the park today since I was in class. Apparently, there was a large (90lbsish) golden retriever there with his 50-something owner. This dog took a particular liking to The Ab and followed her around, beating her up. Jamie followed the dog for a good 20 minutes pulling the retriever off Ab, while its owner did nothing. While this was going on, the retriever tried to bark in Chompy's face but was deterred by one of the "I'm going to f--'ing kill you, Ab" growls, complete with full teeth-baring. The beating of Ab continued and Jamie again pulled the retriever off little Ab. This time, though, the retriever reared up and jumped onto Jamie. It kept jumping on her and circling from all directions and then it starting biting. Sensing something was wrong, the much smaller Chompy (50lb) sprinted over, jumped into the air landing her teeth into the retriever's neck and pulled him off. Once Chompy had knocked him down, she tackled him onto his back and went for the neck before he ever had a chance to figure out what was going on. On his back, the dog had no protection from the angry pit bull and as Chompy was drawing blood from its neck, The Ab came over to bite at his tail. Of course the owner at this point had come over and yelled at Jamie over the fact Chompy had drawn blood. Jamie left. She was shaken but physically ok. It reminded me of the time I tripped at the park and a German Shepard jumped onto my back and was starting to bite at my leg when Chompy knocked it off me and did more than draw a little blood. The owner (in this case was a mid-30's woman), even though her next stop was going to be the vet for her dog to get stitches, could not say anything because everyone in the park knew her dog had attacked me first. I wish pit bulls didn't get such bad publicity--they're just protective and sometimes that's not such a terrible thing. Oh, don't break into my house.




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