Gator Bowl | 01/01/05

Instead of going to the Gator Bowl with my comp. tickets (right?) we instead went to a wedding in Live Oak. While it wasn't how I would have chosen to spend my weekend, the location was nice and the church was really cool. Since I didn't know anyone there, I was stuck to Jamie's side the whole time. Since her sister planned the wedding, we all helped out. I was responsible for filling glasses with beer. I did a fine job, thanks for asking.

FSU won the Toyota Gator Bowl. Someone on the radio said that you couldn't spell "snafu" without FSU. Oh yeah? Well you can't spell suffrage either so take that hot-shot. Speaking of the bowls, we watched a bit of the Peach Bowl with Miami vs. Florida. Who on Earth do we root for? Jamie picked UF and I picked Miami. Talk about a tough decision.




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