Ah, Routine | 01/06/05

Ah, routine. I went to work this morning to find no one home. I waited around for ten minutes before I gave up and went back home to work. Including the driving time, it killed a half hour. Ok, it was only a half hour but when your work day is 12 hours long, every half hour that's "free" is important. And because I wasn't working then, it translated to more work this evening. Chompy appreciated me being home and I gave her some quality petting before leaving for Work B at 11:50am. I'm not sure if it was the two Starbucks Espressos I had but I got a ton done today. Ken The Temp returned from his Christmas Break and reclaimed his old desk, leaving me out in the cold. Having limited options, I took over the office of some guy. The nice thing about having a private office is I can listen to NPR as much as I like. Today's grilling of the new Attorney General wasn't exactly what I'd call interesting but whatever, sound is sound. After work Jamie and I went out to dinner where we sat next to this middle aged couple. He took off his shoes and put his feet on her lap before their drinks came and by the time the appetizers arrived, she was giving a full out foot massage. Gross. Come on now, you're 40 not 16. And while it was bad for me, it was worse for Jamie, who really hates feet. After dinner I finally got around to buying a watch but it's so big that I'm not going to be able to wear it until I take a dozen links out of it.

I can't believe it's midnight already. I had to clean the upstairs fishtank. While cleaning it I discovered one of the fish Michael bequeathed to me got stuck in one of the plants and died. It was the smaller of the two tiger tetras(?). I still have to scoop William from the downstairs tank. It's been a couple of days but none of the other fish have eaten his remains, which is rare. On top of that Mary is gone. Maybe she couldn't survive without her precious William? This was to be expected, of course, because anything involving William & Mary never seems to work out.




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