BAM | 01/07/05

There I am, just reading the news, and *bam* I get hit by this picture. There are just so many horrible things, I don't even know where to begin. Apparently he was a greeter at Wal-Mart and then he started distributing this picture when people would walk in. If his plan was to be famous, it totally worked. Not that I always trust the "news" I read from the Drudge Report but it gets millions of hits a day. And when you're picture is on there you know you've hit the big time. My biggest question is: Where are his bits? Tucked? Gross.

My morning went by quickly but my God, Chompy, the afternoon poked. Jamie came over for dinner after work and after we ate I fell asleep. For Christmas I received the card-version of SET. Before I fell asleep Jamie kicked my ass. Big time. Ok, I was a little tired but not tired enough to explain my dismantling at her hands. Seriously, it was pretty humiliating. Oh well. Maybe I can talk her into a rematch today.




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