Poker Hands | 01/09/05

After sitting out the first four hands with 2-5, 2-5, 3-4 and 2-6, I finally land a suited J/10 and go in. After the flop I had a straight to the ace. Not wanting to get some measly pot I slow play it. Phil Gordon would be proud. By the time all the cards are down, I've moved all in. We flip over our cards. I have a straight to the ace, Sean has three kings. Bam! You like that? Oh but wait--as I'm hauling the booty of chips in, some asshole who is watching the game behind us says--it's not three kings, it's a full house! We find the cards again and sure enough, he had a full house. So I sat there for the next two hours watching. Not only was I out first, but Ricky was out next followed by Jamie. What a bizzarro game. Theory-Chris did well, tying for first and splitting the pot with Sean. At least I got to give my money to someone I knew.




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