Ford Sucks | 01/13/05

What a weird day. Jamie left for D.C but was still stuck in Tallahassee when I last talked to her at 6pm. This morning a guy came to install a new screen door but Chompy kept him at bay. So at bay that he refused to come in until I locked her in my bedroom. See, I didn't really lock her in, though. I just closed the door. So I go downstairs to make small talk (and to explain why I was wearing only my underwear when he came in). A couple minutes later I hear this huge noise, like Chompy and Ab fighting their way down the stairs. Since Ab, of course, wasn't over I looked over to the stairs and see Chompy racing towards the guy, fur up and teeth out. I tackle her about a foot away and then actually lock her in. The guy was all flailing and screaming right from the beginning so I think she smelled his fear.

Looks like the Taurus might finally get the help it needs. Even though it's been running fine now, I hate the idea of it not starting after a couple days of not driving it. We already know the Ford Dealership knows absolutely nothing but my boss at the City's husband just opened up a car repair shop. She said he'd look at my alternator and battery and in return I could show her how to set up a website for him. AND if something needs to be fixed if I make them a simple site the labor is free. Sweet.

In preparation for my meetings tomorrow I went to get a haircut today. The woman told me I needed to shave my head. I told her to cut the sides and back. She told me I should shave it. I told her to do what I wanted or I'd do it myself. Flash forward: I'm in my bathroom doing exactly what I asked her. It doesn't look too bad from the front but I have no idea what it looks like in the back. Thank God I have curly hair.




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