Happy Birthday Chris! | 01/14/05

What a full day. Looking back at some of my old entries I'm not sure how I was able to live with only one or two hours of "doing stuff". Not that I would mind going back to that but nonetheless, things have really changed a lot over the past year. A year ago, I had three hours of a class and a celebration of Chris' Birthday. Everything else was open. Today I had a total of four hours of sleep, two executive meetings, a way-way-too-short-lunch, and got back from work at 7pm. When I got home I did more work until about 9pm and then got to pet Die Chomp for a while.

Around 10pm Dances with Wolves came on. The last time I saw it I think it was in 7th grade. My grandma was over and my immediate family watched it with her. I remember the awkward conversation my mom tried to have when Kevin Costner and that girl were it getting it on. Man, I'll never forget that. Like she really wanted to know how school was in the middle of the movie. It was still pretty good, except for the fact that, like all TV movies, the goddamns were changed into gosh darns. If I got hit in the face with a rifle, I can't really see myself saying "goodness gracious". One of the things I didn't pick up on when I watched it as a kid was that when the Sioux came back at the end to save Mr. Costner, they were all dressed up as members of different tribes. Good thinking guys. While I wasn't weeping at any point, seeing the wolf get shot at the end made me sad. I felt very vindicated when Kevin strangled/drowned the guy with his shackles.




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