Happy Belated Birthday Chris! | 01/15/05

You would think after hanging out for years, I'd have more pictures of Chris. Sadly, I do not. I almost gave him some open eyes in Photoshop but then I decided against it. Instead, I'll tell the story of the picture. It's from one of our Mas N' Steel concerts. At this moment, as captured by a former student, I'm playing on the underside of Matt's pan. Chris, obviously entranced by our beautiful solo, is too caught up in the stirring melodies to be prepared for such a picture. Anyway, Happy (day late) Birthday!

I went in to work for a couple hours but I didn't get as much done as I would have liked. After work I bought a new tank for Abner as Chris' birthday present then came home and took a nap. Around 9:30pm I went over and was pleasantly surprised to find a total of zero students I failed. Both Michelle and Audry did well so it was nice to see them. As the time grew later a couple lower grades showed up but I did my best to avoid them. Anyway, I'm getting old as Lindsay and Michelle reminded me. Everyone's turning 21 and well, good for them. It was a late night but pretty darn fun.




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