Hey Ya MIDI | 01/25/04

Due to some erroneous talks, there was no small group rehearsal today. Apparently no one wanted to have rehearsal but everyone thought everyone else did. Good thing it got straightened out. This morning Jamie and I went to brunch at Kathy's before attending our first FSU basketball game. We played #9 Wake Forrest and it was a good game. We somehow managed to win at the end, despite the poor showing by our pep band. The drummer was especially horrible, slaughtering the part for Van Halen's Jump. Thank God Matt Flynn wasn't there or he would have killed the kid. He didn't even try to do the hits or play the part as performed by VH. Amongst their other atrocities was a war chant that sort of morphed into another piece and a version of OutKast's I Like The Way You Move that had the entire brass section playing the melody, which left no bass line and the two clarinets and two flutes to try to salvage a countermelody. It was Glord awful. Seriously. Anyway, we won and Jamie, Becky and I tried to storm the court after the win but by the time we got there no one wanted to rip the baskets down with us. At least we made it onto the court. I guess I'll have to hold out until we beat Duke. I found out today that this is the only site on Google that shows up when you type in: "professor hates teaching". After the game I fell asleep and had a crazy dream with anthropologists and Chompy and dinosaurs and me causing the world to end. I woke up around 9pm and watched The Hours with Jamie. I give the movie a very solid 8.5. It was definitely the best chick flick I've seen and I'm sure if I were more familiar with Virginia Woolfe I would have liked it that much more. I'm really, really sore from all the exercise yesterday and even stooping to tie my shoe requires a small crane to follow me around to get me back on my feet again. I fell out of my computer chair today because my body couldn't move fast enough to shift my weight. Upon falling I whacked my shins into my bookcase, thereby hurting the one part of my body that I thought was immune to my abuses. Looking around, I see that the falling chair knocked into another chair which knocked over a large lamp as well as a couple of those little brown trays. The arrangement of MIDI version of Hey Ya, in case you're wondering (and I know you are) should be completed sometime tomorrow evening and the Finale parts should be finished in time for Tuesday night's rehearsal. My kitchen is arguably the messiest it has ever been and I really need to clean it. Right now.




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