Job Disparity | 01/20/05

There is just such a huge disparity between my two jobs. Until noon every day, I'm a tie-wearing executive. People schedule meetings for me, I go places to meet with strangers who buy my food and I'm left nearly unattended to do whatever I think is best. Sure, I have a general idea of what needs to get done but for the most part I'm an idea-man. I have to talk with adults about topics with which I'm not terribly familiar and be able to win them over. Almost total faith is put in me to use my discretion to get things done. And, I have nearly full-access to do these things. Thankfully, Jerry works with me. He's this jobs version of Ricky--he's a genius but so damn likable that you can't help but find yourself admiring him. Then at noon I'm a slave. Sure, I go to an occasional meeting and my ideas are valued but for all intents and purposes I don't do anything special. I get paid crap to pull staples out of packets of paper and then tell other people how to do it. It's weird having two such different roles day in and day out. I really wish The City would utilize me a bit better. I think my topic for next week will be: Mean Things I Did As A Temp. Some of them are pretty cruel and I think people will enjoy reading about them.

Tonight Jara, Matt, Jamie and I pieced together what we're going to do with Chris and Michael for the Senior Center gig. Fortunately Dan The Kid and Jeanine both agreed to play so hopefully we won't sound too terrible. I'm excited that I'll actually get to use my new pan. It has yet to come out on a gig with me because I'm usually playing kit but now with Dan The Kid I'm free to rock out. Not that I'll really be able to rock as hard as I'm used to since I'll be playing the role of Chris "The Man Who Plays Everything" Green. Of course he would do a much better job than I will but I'm still happy to play.




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