Snood | 01/23/05

Well, the good news is all my laundry is done. The bad news is that I totally murdered my weekend in the process. I did manage to squeeze in some time to watch the football games, though. The two teams I wanted--the Falcons and Steelers--both lost so I probably won't watch the Superbowl (Superb Owl). I went into work on Sunday but spent my time making a bunch of copies of music for our gig. Being the honest person I am, I didn't claim the time I was there working on my personal stuff. If I was working somewhere else I probably would do such a dastardly thing but everyone there is so genuine and honest I wouldn't be able to live with myself.

I beat Snood this weekend. I might make a little help page for all the puzzle levels since I got stuck once and couldn't find such a thing which sucked. The level was trilobite and it took me about two hours to finally get a lucky combination of pieces. Maybe that'll boost my Asian hits. Speaking of foreign hits, there's been a lot of hits from England recently. I wonder how much the average English citizen hates me. I didn't vote for Bush. I just hope they don't lump me into the group of much-hated Americans that approve of our president. I hate him. And I love Led Zeppelin. Please stop hating me.




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