Victor Yushenko Disfugred | 01/25/05

It could be worse. I could be Victor Yushenko and been poisoned and disfigured. He said today that he's still not used to his new face. Well, of course. I realize that I'm not much of an optimist but generally speaking I really want to believe things like this don't happen. They do obviously and I fully understand the reasons why but man, it's scary. Especially for us little guys. Even the biggest of our guys is still so tiny in the whole scheme of things that I'm not exactly sure why we even pretend that we have a say in things. Take our little microcosmic world of Tallahassee. All the state, county and city government buildings are here. All of these institutions have all this power that controls our day to day lives but we didn't put them there. I didn't, anyway. The worst is the County. Leon County is run by the biggest morons ever excreted. We really could stand a system where average people have some say. Sure, there might be more NASCAR on TV but it seems a small price to pay. I wish some of my coworkers at the City would run for office. Those are the types of people that have the type of balance we all could stand. Alas, that'll never happen in the bowels of the south.




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