Javascript Certification | 01/26/05

I could not find my wallet this morning to save my life. Seriously, I was ready to leave at 9:45am but it took me twenty minutes. What it was doing on my living room TV still baffles me. Today really poked along. My job at the City becomes more tedious every day. Because I'm so hopelessly bored by irritation with one of my coworkers grows daily because, well, I have plenty of time to think about him. I try to explain things to him in the most simple terms but it's like brain just can't comprehend anything at all. Our process is so slow because we have to have all these unnecessary QC checks when one at the end would be more than enough. So far we've screwed up one file out of over 1500. Additionally, it's not like we can't get a copy of anything should we screw it up. If I had another part time job lined up for the afternoons I'd just quit. I really wanted to stick it out until the end of the project but man, a 3rd grader could do my job (and probably be more tolerant of certain coworkers).

In preparation to be semi-on-the-market I finished some certifications that I had started after my insufferable time at the Justice Administrative Commission ended. I finished the JavaScript, Intermediate Oracle 8.0i and FrontPage 2003. It's all free so I figure I should take advantage of it before my time expires with it (and who knows when that will be). The certification process is a joke--you can go straight to the end and take the Course Test and just remember all your mistakes to fix it again. I didn't do this of course because I'd rather be embarrassed in the safety of my home than at a workplace but still, it could be done. Maybe I'll take some HR class or something and cheat like that. I think we all know how useful HR people are. (Not very.)




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