Boxes of Bullets | 01/29/05

I'm sorry, seriously, but if you've got people over to help you move your bullets had better be packed before the first person arrives. I stumbled across them while in the garage. Boxes full. No wonder so many people die when they get hit by a bullet--they're heavy and big. Even the smallest ones are big.

We got there at 7:30am in the pouring rain. The temperature outside was a balmy 35 with the wind ripping. Between 8am and noon is an essay which I will save for another time. However, afterwards we got some Hardee's (or Carl's Jr. depending on where you live). Their angus burgers were ok but Burger King's are better. Once I dropped Sean off I went home and took a nice nap. When I awoke Jamie and I went to this furniture store I'd seen ads for on TV. It's down on Tharpe Street and is called something like American Freight. Whatever, it was awesome. I found a really nice brown leather sofa/loveseat combo for $999. I can't afford it this month of course but if I save my pennies I might be able to get it soon. Once we were bitten by the furniture bug we went to some other stores where I looked for a big recliner. Lay-Z-Boy is all fine and good but I wanted a huge one. Appearance didn't matter at all to me so long as it could envelop me and went all the way into a horizontal position. I think I found one too. Too bad today is the last day of the sale and I don't have the money to buy it. Boo.




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