Sammy Sosuck | 01/30/05

After a nice lunch at Gordo's with Chris and Mike, we ran a TON of errands. I dropped the music of for the Tallahassee Senior Center gig off with Dan and then went to WalMart. I hadn't been to WalMart since I'd become rich and I'd already forgotten how badly poor people smell. SuperWalMarts are even scarier than normal ones. People in there buying literally everything they will use for the next month. I bought a couple new packs of t-shirts as well as a full-size ironing board and a big ol' mirror to look admire my full body in the mornings before work. Somehow my bill was $96. That hardly seems fair since I can only remember buying the things I listed. Oh, and some pens. And a new garbage can.

I spent the evening cleaning. Like, really cleaning. Life-altering cleaning. Even though I cleaned for five hours no one can really tell. I filled up three of those outdoor-can-garbage bags, though and fixed the broken drawer of my desk. In the hopes of simplifying things around here I've been dedicated to throwing as much as I can away and it's actually worked pretty well so far. As I get older I am slowly realizing not every square inch of wall-meets-floor space absolutely NEEDS to have something on it.

Also my beloved Cubs got the ok to trade Sammy Sosucka. It was really a lopsided deal with the Cubs getting some kid from Naperville and a couple crappy prospects. Oh well, we didn't need to drive in runs anyway.




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