Zig Zigler and The Liars | 02/01/05

I know I've said this many, many times before but one day I'm going to be on my deathbed and think back to my wasted days. Today was one but not for the reasons in the past. I had a lot to do today and got a lot done but man, a lot of it was such a waste.

I showed up to the Civic Center along with five thousand other people to hear these motivational speakers. Well, they weren't very motivating. They were so shady it made me sick. One of them was explaining that for a mere $1000 initial investment you could generate $27 million in Microsoft stock alone, assuming you reinvested your earnings. In order to do this, you have to sell and buy on a daily basis but you only learn the system if you go to their $500 class (a $4500 value!) What was so pathetic was how many people there were so desperate to do it that they literally ran to the tables to sign up. In the presentation, you earned a consistent 37% annually on your investments. Now I do not have a degree in economics but I'm pretty sure that is not going to happen every year for over twenty years. Just a shot in the dark. They mentioned Berkshire Hathaway and were just making up statistics. I know this because Jack owns a stake in BKH and I am required to know as much as I humanly can about the company. Like, they didn't even try to cover up the things that were made up. And here are all these desperate people who can't wait to turn $40 into $70,000 with their help. It made me sick.

The other people there were sales people. They were in heaven. Watching how to manipulate people on their last legs. Great. During the "visualize it and GET it!" I walked out and went back to pulling staples after an example where everyone in the audience paired up and took turns trying to suppress their partner's arms in two positions: one in a "sad" position and the other in a "positive" position. Naturally, the person was able to fend off the suppression in the "positive" position. Gee, that might have something to do with the fact that in the "sad" position your arms were conveniently turned so your shoulder had to move outside its natural range of motion. Oh wait, no it was the negative vibes keeping my arms down. After that I had never felt more motivated to sit in my little chair and pull staples out of packets of paper. So I guess the seminar was a success.


Linda (Unknown)

I was just fired from a sales job ....where they all just worhsipped Zigler. (And this is May of 2009. Of course, it's in Maine, which has not yet entered the 20th Century,let alone the 21st....)

Their technique was so transparently manipulative that their closing average was only about 23%. I assume that this is because 77% of the population is too intelligent to fall for that old fashioned manipulation garbage.

I really tried, but I just could NOT do their script. When I did it my own way, I closed around 40-50%. The day that I got fired, I was closing at 66%, and I had just gotten a written compliment from a happy customer.

Small wonder they fired me. He said I could not get with "THE PROCESS". (!!!)
What a threat I must have been.




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