Senior Center Gig | 02/02/05

We had our rehearsal last night for our gig at the Senior Center. For not having a triple player, we don't sound too bad. Between forgotten power cords and snare drums we didn't get started until 9:30 but we made it through a decent amount of pieces. Our drummer, from Leon HS, informed us that Lion Steel was going to playing a couple of the same pieces. I had tried to call their director, David, but he of course didn't return my calls. That really pisses me off. I don't think it's too much trouble to pick up the phone to have a two minute conversation, which is literally all it would have taken for him to tell me what they were playing. Since of course we have 10x their music I would have picked different pieces but no, now I have to choose between our best slow song being doubled or trying to improvise something else with no rehearsal time. Man, I'm pissed. Admittedly, I do not yield a lot of physical power. I'm probably not going to kick your ass in a fight (though I'm scrappy) but I have enough clout in our common areas to be able to pull a few strings to make your job a hell of a lot more difficult.




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