The Three F's | 02/04/05

Everyone will be pleased to know our gig at the Senior Center went reasonably well. I have to admit that I am certainly not a fan of the "play it by ear" orderings but it all ended alright in the end. We played well and people seemed to enjoy it. It was weird, though, being the most low-key group in the show. We usually base how good a gig was by the Three F's.

1) Did we make Fifty bucks?

2) Did we get Free Food? (only counts for one F)

3) After the show, did we...well, you know.

Sadly, this gig provided none of the three F's. I guess maybe "fun" could count but anytime you get to play music with your friends that's fun, so it can't really count. Jara, Jamie and I hit up Carrabas afterwards. Jara got a trough of soup. My flash skills have developed moderately after one day. Soon I'll be making cartoons about the dogs. Oh, and the snail's name has changed to Snabby since Jamie wouldn't let me call it Abby.




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