Spike the Beta Fish | 02/05/05

After the Tank War in my aquarium that left only five survivors (Chris Rix [the suckfish], Al Capone [the Convict the size of my fist], the maroon zebra and her two babies) I decided it was replenish my tank. A couple days ago we added Snabby the apple snail and yesterday Jamie and I went to Carol's Critters to round off the fish population. What's nice about CC's is that they're honest with you. They won't sell you a sick fish and they'll talk you out of expensive fish if they think they're not compatible with the fish in your tank. Unlike PetCo, who tries to get you to buy their $20 frontosa babies covered in ick, CC's really wants their fish to live long, happy fish-lives with you. Since they were so nice I picked up seven new ones. The only repeat fish was a bumblebee--the first fish in my old tank. All the rest are kinds I've never had before and they're pretty cool. Aside from voracious appetites they seem to fit really well and get along with the older fish. Jamie got a beta fish that she named Spike.

I spent my evening throwing things away. Lots of things. My desk chair (which broke completely in half when I leaned back yesterday morning) joined some old artwork, that ugly brass lamp, the octagon table and about a dozen bags of trash in the dumpster. I loaded up Jamie's trunk with all my old computer stuff to give to Refuge House, who owes me about $2000 now in tax credits. I feel like I've gotten rid of a lot of things but as I look around, my rooms look essentially the same. I realize that I probably started with more crap than just about anyone I know but hopefully it will get down to a manageable level soon.




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