Happy Birthday Steve! | 02/06/05

I was all settled in to do another fish update when I remembered it was Steve's birthday. Ah, the big 21. Steve had the same restriction I did--10am (9am for me) brunch with our parents the next morning. Ouch. C'mon. It's our 21st birthday...shouldn't we able to indulge? He's alive--he called me in the afternoon after the requisite eating. So anyway, good job not dying for 21 years.

Matt came over to watch the Superb Owl with Jamie and me. Jamie grilled out and it was good. Not that I could have really cared less about the two teams in it, but I didn't want the hated Eagles to win (since they beat the Bears in the playoffs a few years back [when I still liked the Bears {before they got that idiot and UF grad Rex Grossman}]). After the game Jamie inherited her sister's old laptop and old digital camera. I took a bunch of random pictures of my apartment since a lot of people haven't seen it but that'll have to wait until tomorrow.

My progress in Flash is coming along. (Except for the mute button)




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