Apartment Tour | 12/20/69

Ready for the tour of my apartment? Here it comes!

The first picture is my 5'x5' backyard. There is roughly room for the grill, those two sawhorses, and either me & The Ab or Chompy & Jamie. That doesn't stop us from cooking out regularly, though.

Next down is my stunning bedroom. Notice the nice flannel sheets, the well-maintained fish tank and the lotus flower lamp I got when Angela Oh left. The clothes are on the floor for extra ambiance.

The next picture is a little smaller because I had to crop Jamie out because she didn't want her picture included. It's the dinning room, aka the Crap Holding Room. You can kind of see the fish tank on the left.

As we come to the living room, you might notice the stunning Sylvannia TV that I got with Brian's Costco card a couple years ago. The TV was a great deal and although I don't usually buy off-brands, this TV has been excellent. If only I had more time to watch it.

Finally, the dreaded office, where I spend about 90% of my home non-sleeping time. You will see the bookshelf I built from scratch that is now transforming into a trapezoid. The mini-palm trees in the corner aren't nearly in as bad of shape as the picture makes them look.

And that's it, life of the poor and famous-in-some-circles.